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Download Pro Evolution Soccer Rar ((EXCLUSIVE))

One more year, and it's been 25 years, Konami launches a new Pro Evolution Soccer version to compete with EA Sports' FIFA. However, given this year's exceptional health situation, which is impacting this sport so much, and the efforts made by the studio to prepare for the arrival of new generations of consoles, Konami has decided to launch an update on the previous eFootball PES 2020 instead of releasing an entirely new game, available once you download PES 2021 - Pro Evolution Soccer for PC.

Download Pro Evolution Soccer rar

Download Zip:

On this occasion, Konami has decided to expand the number of available editions to suit players' interests even more. Yes, if you download PES 2021 - Pro Evolution Soccer for PC, you'll see that it includes a standard version (available in a physical version), and other several options to choose from available in digital-only:

Now that you know all the details, don't hesitate to buy this update by Steam. Compare the advantages of what is possibly the most realistic soccer game in the world with the features of FIFA 21 when it is officially launched at the end of September. the DLC from the link above. Grab all the files in it and move them to C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download. Note: that is ProgramData, not Program Files nor your installation directory. ProgramData may be hidden in your Windows Explorer, just manually enter the address in the address bar. If you've done it correctly, PES will show you a bunch of shoes on next startup. 041b061a72


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