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Buying And Selling Shipping Containers

We have 50,000+ containers available in 2500+ locations globally. With 100% market transparency, our platform makes it easier for you to buy or sell containers. Simply use the public search below to find sales offers or buying demands for containers and expand your container trading business globally.

buying and selling shipping containers


Want to know more about how you can maximize your profits with xChange? Click the banner below and let our experts guide you on how you can maximize your earnings by buying and selling containers on xChange.

New to selling shipping containers? No worries! If you know you want to start selling shipping containers, you have a few options for getting started. If you plan to sell shipping containers for the long-term, consider setting up your own shipping container business. You can start small and work to grow your business over time. On the other hand, if you are looking to simply sell a few shipping containers, you can auction them online using reseller platforms and websites. Learn more about these two options below.

If you are simply looking to sell a few reused shipping containers, you can do so by auctioning them to buyers online. This method is not going to be a sustainable selling method in the long term. However, there are online marketplace platforms that will allow you to manage a one-off shipping container sale.

Shipping containers are commonly sold on EBay and Craigslist for these purposes. However, be aware that today, many buyers look to more credentialed, reliable online sources to buy shipping containers. Check out this source for understanding where buyers typically make their storage container purchases.

You can either sell shipping containers online or in-person. Many shipping container businesses sell and rent their products using both locations. For instance, you might own your own business property where you store your shipping containers. This way, buyers can visit and take a look in-person at what you have to offer before making a decision. Then, you may also have your own website where you offer an e-commerce platform, so buyers who prefer online shopping can easily buy or rent online.

More and more buyers are going online to purchase/rent shipping containers than ever before. Setting up an e-commerce sales model for your shipping containers is also quite simple. Make sure to set up a business website with assets and information such as:

Figuring out how to find and purchase shipping containers is a unique challenge, even if you already know what kind of containers you want. For first-time container buyers, the difficulty is only magnified.

If you want to buy an empty shipping container, you need to know the best one to fit your needs. Beyond the options with regard to who is selling empty containers, there are also numerous choices in size and condition.

A good place to start is our article covering the types and dimensions of shipping containers. It goes over all the options, including some of the less-common variants you may run across in your search.

However, depending on where you purchase containers, you may lose the ability to conduct a pre-purchase inspection. That makes it all the more important to find a shipping container company you can trust and that has the integrity to sell quality shipping containers.

Additionally, many countries have similar online classified ads sites that cater specifically to residents of that country or region. So, seek out these websites and see what used shipping containers are available. The recommendations and cautions we shared above for Craiglist in the United States still apply here.

You can also look for personal referrals from people that work in the shipping, transportation, and logistics industries. They may know other dealers or just companies that use containers in their business and likely have excess units.

I was wondering, do you have any resources for someone that is trying to start a business selling shipping containers. Where the best place is to buy bulk. My husband can pickup and deliver. We would like to start selling them. Thank you

We really are interested in buying or part exchanging used portable buildings, cabins and shipping containers in any condition. No matter the size or quantity and we can provide you with a competitive price quickly.

Shipping containers are a byproduct of a much bigger industry, and the price of used shipping containers in places like Long Beach or Houston is impacted more by cargo than by end user demand for people that need to buy shipping containers for storage.

We guarantee every container we sell will be structurally sound and free of leaks because we source our containers directly from reputable global suppliers. Less than 1% of our customers ever need to utilize their warranty because we make sure our customers are getting quality used shipping containers.

Wondering, "where can I find shipping containers near me?" -- look no further. Boxhub is your number-one resource for shipping containers in the United States. Boxhub offers new and used shipping containers across the US in a variety of cities and states. Visit our online store here.

LOTUS Containers is one of the top specialists in providing shipping container solutions since 2008. We distribute shipping containers as well as storage containers all over the world with the utmost affordability and flexibility. Although we are located in Germany near Hamburg, we are an international player in container trading with representative offices all over the world like Europe, Asia, North and South America because of that we have very stable market knowledge. Whether it be in Hamburg or Jebel Ali, no place for us is unreachable. Not only do we provide intermodal transportation for shipping containers which you have bought but we also have a variety of services you can benefit from. For example, the buyback service where we offer you to buy back the shipping containers you have bought from us and we provide you with a fair price for it, where you dont need to worry about the point and place to sell your containers.

LOTUS Containers will sell and buy shipping containers according to customers need. Might it be, used shipping Containers or perhaps you need your SOC units in a specific colour for advertisement purposes. In regards to that, we offer an intermodal transportation service where we deliver the shipping container to the point of discharge which is determent by the customer. We can meet all the modern challenges and requirements by responding immediately to all your needs.

We give you the option of selling your shipping containers back to us from the target destination, regardless of quality and type, thanks to our repurchasing concept. And this not only applies to high-frequency seaports around the world, but also for much more exotic locations. This simplifies the handling of international projects and other cost, operations associated with it. An option more for you and an argument more for us.

When LOTUS Containers have shipping containers for sale that suits your requirements, we offer you together with the purchase of the shipping containers also an Intermodal transportation solution. No matter where you need your shipping containers and also storage containers that, well lead the way. We will select the most suitable form of transport, from tractor-trailers, domestic shipping and rail. LOTUS Containers helps you with your intermodal freight shipping needs.

For instance, they may not be willing to sell five shipping containers or fewer. Some companies might only sell shipping containers in bulk amounts of over 10 or 15 containers at a time. Simply ask the experienced representative from the company you wish to work with.

At ModuGo, we help make sure you always get the best prices on new and used shipping containers. We also guarantee the condition of our containers and will make things right if an issue comes up. Check out our price match guarantee and start shopping today by clicking the button below. We find containers closest to you to help cut down on your overall price.

Here at Crowley we are often asked if we sell used shipping containers and other transportation-related equipment, such as chassis, gensets and the like. The short answer is yes, but not to the public. We sell surplus equipment to a South Florida company named Gold Coast Repairs, and they in turn sell to the public.

Are you thinking about buying a shipping container for storage, a workspace, or even to build a unique living space? Shipping containers have become increasingly popular for a variety of uses, but before you make a purchase, there are a few important things you need to know.

From understanding the different types and sizes of containers available to checking for structural damage, the process of buying a container can be overwhelming. In this guide, we will break down the key factors to consider before making a purchase to help ensure that you end up with a high-quality container that meets your specific needs.

Shipping containers come in various sizes, so you have several options when looking for one that is appropriate for your needs. Standard shipping containers are 20 or 40 feet long, but there are also other sizes available, such as 10-foot and 45-foot containers.

Most shipping containers are made from Corten steel, a type of steel alloy designed to withstand corrosion and wear better than standard steel or other metals. Remember, containers are designed to sit on a ship in the corrosive salt air for years at a time, so they must be made from something that can handle the elements.

Before going through all the work of buying and transporting a shipping container, make sure to check with your local authorities regarding any permits you may need. These permits will vary depending on how you plan to use the container.

Living near a port will make shipping costs lower and logistics much easier, but there are containers scattered throughout the country, so there are usually options for purchasing a container no matter where you live. 041b061a72


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