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Where To Buy Swim Team Suits !NEW!

Athletic swimsuits should support your athletic performance rather than holding you back. They should fit snug without digging into your skin or slipping out of place. They should also look great because every athlete deserves that boost of confidence that comes from looking just as good as they feel. Whether you're shopping for a versatile team swimsuit or competitive swimwear for an individual performance, we're here to help

where to buy swim team suits


Our store is your one-stop destination for the perfect individual or team swimsuit. We stock a variety of team swimwear ready for your personalized touch. Whether you prefer solid colors or you need to incorporate your team colors in an attractive design, our selection of quality suits will fit your needs. We also deliver in a timely manner because we know that the next team meet is always right around the corner.Our selection of athletic swimsuits is always changing, so check back often if you need a swimsuit for a swim meet, diving competition, triathlon or other competitive event. You deserve a colorful collection of swimsuits for training as well as competition day.

It's essential to get the right fit for your swimsuit. You don't have time to deal with a suit that won't stay in place on competition day, and even a little discomfort could negatively impact your performance in the pool. Check out these tips that should make it easier to shop for competition swimsuits online:

The right swimwear can make the difference between a stellar performance that steals the show and wardrobe complications that lose meets. Whether you're competing in your first big event or you're a coach shopping for swimsuits that work well for all athletes on a team, we have you covered with the best styles and color options from brands you can trust.

K&B Sportswear was originally founded in 2004. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of teams, and have served thousands of happy customers. Our goal at K&B Sportswear is to keep things simple; helping you and your team find the best possible gear is what we have been priding ourselves on since we took ownership in April of 2014. As a primarily women-run business, we are proud to be where we are and hope you decide to join us on our future journey.

Xtreme Swim is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing the best personal customer support to swimmers, triathletes, swim teams and lifeguard staff in Texas and beyond. We're here when you need us.

Competition suits are made for the rigorous practice schedule of serious swimmers. Look for flat seams to limit skin irritation, an open back that allows for a full range of motion, and leg holes that provide full coverage without impinging the range of motion. Most families can find a practice swimsuit that lasts for a season for around $30.

A suit for swim team should fit like a glove, with no visible wrinkles or excess fabric. Any gaps or extra space in the suit means it is too big. Female swimmers should only be able to fit two fingers (one on top of the other) between the shoulder strap and the shoulder. Male swimmers should be able to move freely without exposing themselves.

Because swimsuit fabric tends to degrade over time, you might choose to purchase a special suit for racing, which should be worn only at meets. Although USA Swimming banned the $500 tech suits worn by Olympic athletes for 12 and under swimmers, having a dedicated racing swimsuit can give kids a mental advantage.

Ten years of buying swimsuits and various other gear teaches you a few things, but each swimmer has their own definition of comfort. Find a good quality, durable suit that doesn't rub or irritate and rinse it after practice each day in clean water. Plan on dropping a few extra dollars on a competition suit at some point, but reserve it for special meets to give it a longer life. Most of all, enjoy being part of a swim team!

Some brands are known to struggle with supplying teams with large orders in a timely way. If there are sizing issues when the suits arrive, restocking can sometimes be a problem. And some brands are known for wearing out more quickly than others. Your supplier should have advice for you about the quality and availability of different brands. Narrowing down the brands you want to work with before looking at specific suits can simplify your decision making.

It can be helpful for teams to pick swimsuits they know will be made for another year or two. If the style of suit is continuing to the next year, kids are more likely to be able to get a second season out of the suit, or parents can resell the suit to a teammate if their kids have grown out of it. Swimsuit manufacturers usually let the swim shop know whether a swimsuit will be continued or not. Your swim shop can advise you on which suits will be available for a number of years.

Send us your logo, colors, and our design team will create complimentary designs for you. Let us know what you like and what you want to change. We'll keep working until you love your final custom swimsuit designs.

THE METRO SWIM SHOP sells the team suits to the swimmers at a team discount. While the team suit is not mandatory, it is highly recommended because it makes us look more like a team plus these types of suits have less resistance in the water than most suits, so they help you swim faster. You can check out their website for prices and sizes.

If you cannot make that practice, you can have someone else come purchase the suit(s) for you or you can contact Metro swim Shop to place an order. The shop prefers that you call to place an order to guarantee that you get the correct team suit for Freedom Lake Swim Team and that you get the team discount 1-800-526-8788.

Championships will be 8/4/23 at Freedom Lake this year with all 4 teams in the league participating. All families are asked to donate two (2) items for our food sale at the meet. There will be a sign up on line at PerfectPotluck.Com, families will be notified by an email invitation when it is ready to go (around 7/20/23). Not all swimmers qualify for Champs but it would be nice if all team members come to support those swimming. Also there are many duties the day of Champs that both team members and adults can help with. Please plan to come and help out the team that day. As always, thank you for your support throughout the season. Our team prides of its volunteers! Thanks!

All LPAC members are encouraged to purchase team swim suits, which generally range in price from $30 to $45. Because swim suits do deteriorate over time, we suggest that swimmers save their team suits for meets only. To order your teacasm suits, please see the information below!

Swimmers who do not choose to purchase a team swim suit must have a solid black suit to use for team picture day and meets. If you already have a team suit from last year (and it still fits!), you do not need to purchase a new suit.

Made with a 100% textile material, Powerskin R-EVO+OW allows the swimmer to keep superb stability and body alignment during the stroke. Thanks to the high-tech Z-Raptor+ fabric, all Powerskin R-EVO+OW range suits guarantee maximum compression combined with unmatchable comfort. Powerskin R-EVO+OW range features the advanced bonded seams system thatallows low profiled, bonded seams.

Team suits will be available to try on and order at WSARC before practice Sunday, June 4th 11am-1pm. Swimmers must be dry to try on suits. This is the same suit style as 2022! Team suits are not required, but your swimmer will need a good fitting swimsuit. You may get fitted for a suit and order on June 4th with representatives from the Swim Shop, order online, or you can go down to the Swim Shop in DE

For the 2023 Season the Mighty Tigers be wearing the Speedo Natural Wonder suit in Orange. This is a new suit and is available in one back style for girls and a jammer or brief for boys. Suits can be purchased at a discount through Sport Fair, located at 5010 Lee Hwy in Arlington, be sure to tell the staff that you are swimming with AFC. *Note: The team suit is a competition suit (meaning it should be worn for A & B meets), we recommend also purchasing a less expensive practice suit that can be worn everyday at practices. Sport Fair usually has a large number of discontinued suits on clearance in the lower part of the store.

Swimmers do not have to purchase the team suit but for all A and B Meets, swimmers must wear a previous season AFC suit or a plain suit with no other pool affiliations or logos on it (a plain black suit is preferred).

Tech Suit policy - Tech suits are to be used for Championship Meets, In the Finals of Trials and Finals Meets and, in a meet, designated by the coaching staff under the limitations set forth when the use is approved for such a meet. In ALL other circumstances, swimmers must compete in our selected Team Suit. Our meet schedule indicates which meets are approved for tech suit use. **New USA Swimming Rule Beginning Sept 2020 - Tech Suit use by 12 & Under swimmers is not permitted**

The Shockwaves are a unified team and we require that each swimmer wears an official Shockwaves team suit (or SOLID black suit with no other logo or team name) and a Shockwaves swim cap (or no cap) for ALL Dual and Invitational meets. Swimmers will not be permitted to swim with any other suit or cap.

For the 2023 season the team will be wearing Arena 'Puzzled' in Navy-Soft Green Multi. This is a new swimsuit design that will be available to the team for 2023 and 2024 (2-year design).

We partner with SportFair (5010 Lee Highway, Arlington) for our swimsuits. SportFair will be having a Suit Sale at the pool's Open House (Sunday, May 21 from Noon-2:45pm) with a selection of sizes available for purchase.

If you can't make the Suit Sale you may also purchase suits and other swim/dive accessories at SportFair's Arlington location. If you go to their store let them know you're with Rolling Hills for the team's pricing. (*Note: SportFair also outfits the neighboring Rolling Forest swim club. Make sure you are purchasing Rolling Hills attire.) 041b061a72


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