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Listen to what Helen has to say, she is been taking private sessions with us since 2012

My first meeting with Mrudul, a yoga friend during my visit to Singapore this year was very special because we had so many yoga & health related topics to share. Our conversations continued all week that I ended up taking a class with her for fun which was a wonderful experience!! Mrudul's knowledge of yoga, enthusiasm & gentle manner were very inspiring to me and to all in the class. Meeting her both on & off the mat took me to into a world of peace, calm & bliss with a genuine spirit & interest to share the word of yoga & good health with all. I strongly recommend to take advantage of her expertise and I look forward to meeting her again:)

Veena Sethi
Founder and Teacher at Yoga Adventures, Bangkok

I had the privilege of attending a session on Pranayama and Meditation at Mpowered recently. My experience was beyond amazing. For the first time I could truly connect with my inner self through the guided meditation that Mrudul led. I came back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and recharged.

Mrudul, is a fantastic teacher, her gentle personality and patience has a very calming effect on students. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone seeking peacefulness and mindfulness.

Thank you!

Kriti Walia, Proffesional Baker, Germany

Nidhi takes group session with us since 2017, listen to her story

Mrudul is a passionate yoga instructor who not only shares her knowledge in the physical benefits of yoga, but also the psychological and spiritual benefits as well.  Her kind and peaceful demeanor provide a very welcoming and relaxed practice environment for yogis of all levels. Whether its the first time you've hit the mat, an experienced student, or somewhere in-between. 

Mrudul makes yoga fun and interesting by offering different workshops/classes on breathing and meditation. She also introduces her students to yogic culture by integrating customs into the practice, and by offering special practices around Indian holidays.


Practicing yoga with Mrudul is as much fun as it is physically and spiritually rewarding. 



Hofheim, Germany

I am pleased to recommend Mrudul for an after-school activities instructor position. She has taught several different Yoga classes, to students and adults alike since August of 2014, and she was wonderful.


Mrudul immediately adapted to the requirements of our after-school activities program and the complexities associated with a program that offers over 250 different courses and classes annually and she was always proactive in offereing her own 

ideas and perspectives to help program improve.


Todd D. Kearns

Activities Director, Frankfurt International School

Mrudul is an extremely commited teacher of yoga. Every class she invites you to

touch the edge of your potential guiding you through  a deeply spiritual experience, which leaves the mind clear, the body renewed and the spirit at peace .

Senior Consultant @SAP​

Practicing yoga has allowed me to improve my life physically and emotionally. Mrudul as a teacher not only emphasizes the body-mind integration but also shows her students how to apply the practice of yoga to day-to-day activities. She is very knowledgable and a very spiritual person.


Lizette Chapa, Germany

Mrudul provided several hours of yoga instruction for our Grade 12s at Frankfurt International School. Everyone who took part thoroughly appreciated Mrudul's classes, and the relaxation that they brought. Thank you!


Fraser Craver

Year Head, Grade 12, Frankfurt International School

Sheetal is practicing yoga with us since 2020, listen to what she has to say

Mrudul is a beautiful individual and her kindness and caring nature is transmitted again and again through her practice. She has had an incredibly positive effect on me. I had never had an interest in yoga and through an injury decided I would try it out. I thought I could never bend like that or it’s not enough action for me. I could not have been more wrong and am so grateful for this gift Mrudul has passed on. Through her positive guidance and instruction, always encouraging and challenging, pushing one to their own personal limits I grew dependent on our Monday morning practice together, which inevitably set a great pace and mind set for the whole week. 


Natalie van Dijk 

Thank you so much Dear Mrudul for your yoga workshop in the magnificent black forest in Schopfheim, Germany.
Norbert and I are fascinated how great you taught us bits of yoga in the one day we joined you. We loved the practice (even when we started at 7 am before breakfast) and to learn more about the philosophy. We enjoyed the company of the other girls and our conversation never stopped during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You are a great teacher and it is awesome to learn yoga from an Indian pro.
We will definitely continue our journey: for me to bring my yoga to the next level and for Norbert to embark on his yoga experience.

Elke and Norbert

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