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Undawn APK + OBB: The Ultimate Guide to Download and Play on Android Devices

How to Download and Play Undawn on Android and PC

Undawn is a free-to-play open-world survival RPG developed by Lightspeed Studios and published by Level Infinite. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where hordes of infected roam the streets and threaten the survival of humanity. Players can explore, scavenge, craft, build, fight, and cooperate with other survivors in this immersive and challenging game.

undawn apk and obb download

Undawn is available for both mobile and PC platforms, but the game is not yet officially released globally. However, there is a way to download and play Undawn on your Android device or PC using the apk and obb files. In this article, we will show you how to do that step by step.

How to Download Undawn Apk and Obb Files for Android Devices

To download Undawn apk and obb files for Android devices, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to a trusted website that offers Undawn apk and obb files for download. For example, you can use [Uptodown](^1^) or [APKCombo](^2^).

  • Search for Undawn in the website's search bar and select the latest version of the game.

  • Download the xapk file of Undawn, which contains both the apk and obb files.

  • Locate the downloaded xapk file in your device's file manager and rename it to zip.

  • Extract the zip file using a file extractor app such as [ZArchiver].

  • You will get two files: an apk file and an obb folder.

How to Install Undawn Apk and Obb Files on Android Devices

To install Undawn apk and obb files on Android devices, you need to follow these steps:

  • Enable the installation of apps from unknown sources in your device's settings.

  • Tap on the apk file of Undawn and install it.

  • Do not open the game yet.

  • Copy the obb folder of Undawn to your device's internal storage in this path: Android/obb/com.tencent.cosna (create the folder if it does not exist).

  • Open the game and wait for it to download additional data.

  • Enjoy playing Undawn on your Android device.

How to Play Undawn on PC Using an Emulator

If you want to play Undawn on PC, you can use an emulator such as [BlueStacks](^11^) or [LDPlayer]. An emulator is a software that allows you to run Android apps on your PC. Here are the steps to play Undawn on PC using an emulator:

  • Download and install an emulator of your choice on your PC.

  • Open the emulator and sign in with your Google account.

  • Download the xapk file of Undawn from a website such as [Uptodown](^1^) or [APKCombo](^2^).

  • Drag and drop the xapk file into the emulator's window.

  • The emulator will automatically install the apk and obb files of Undawn.

  • Open the game and wait for it to download additional data.

  • Enjoy playing Undawn on your PC.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Undawn

Undawn is a complex and challenging game that requires strategy, skill, and cooperation. Here are some tips and tricks for playing Undawn:

  • Follow the main missions or story missions at the beginning of the game to learn the basics and unlock new features.

  • Choose your role wisely based on your preferences and playstyle. There are four roles in Undawn: Assault, Support, Medic, and Engineer. Each role has its own skills and equipment that can help you and your team in different situations.

  • Explore the map and look for resources such as food, water, materials, weapons, and ammo. You can use these resources to craft items, upgrade your base, and trade with other players.

  • Build and defend your base from the infected and other players. You can customize your base with various structures, traps, and decorations. You can also invite other players to join your base or raid other bases for loot.

  • Join a clan or create your own clan with other players. Clans can help you with missions, resources, and protection. You can also participate in clan wars and events for rewards and glory.

  • Be careful of the infected and other threats in the game. The infected are not the only enemies you will face in Undawn. There are also wild animals, bandits, mercenaries, and rogue players that can attack you at any time. Be prepared for combat and use stealth, cover, and teamwork to survive.

Conclusion: Summary and Recommendation

Undawn is a thrilling and addictive game that offers a realistic and immersive experience of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. You can download and play Undawn on your Android device or PC using the apk and obb files from trusted websites. You can also follow our tips and tricks to improve your gameplay and have more fun. We highly recommend Undawn to anyone who loves survival RPGs and wants to challenge themselves in a dynamic and diverse environment.

FAQs: Five Common Questions and Answers About Undawn


Is Undawn free to play?Yes, Undawn is free to play, but it may contain some in-game purchases or ads.

Is Undawn online or offline?Undawn is an online game that requires an internet connection to play.

Is Undawn cross-platform?Yes, Undawn is cross-platform, which means you can play with other players who are using different devices or platforms.

When will Undawn be officially released globally?There is no official release date for Undawn yet, but you can follow the game's official social media accounts or website for updates.

How can I contact the developers of Undawn?You can contact the developers of Undawn by sending an email to or by filling out the feedback form in the game's settings.


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