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Waves CLA Classic Compressors: The Legendary Compressors Plugins for MAC OSX INTEL

Waves CLA Classic Compressors: A Review

If you are looking for some of the best compressors plugins for your audio projects, you might want to check out Waves CLA Classic Compressors. These are impeccable models of four compressors that are considered true classics by audio engineers around the world. They are based on the personal collection of Chris Lord-Alge, a legendary Grammy-winning mixer who has worked with artists like Green Day, U2, Dave Matthews Band, Tim McGraw, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, James Brown, and many others.

Waves CLA Classic Compressors AU VST VST3 RTAS TDM MAC OSX INTEL.rar

In this article, we will review each of these compressors plugins in detail, explain how to download and install them on your MAC OSX INTEL system, show you how to use them in different audio scenarios, compare their pros and cons, suggest some alternatives, and answer some frequently asked questions. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of whether Waves CLA Classic Compressors are worth your money and how they can improve your audio quality and creativity.


The CLA-2A is a model of the legendary LA-2A electro-optical tube compressor, which was introduced in the 1960s and is still widely used today. The LA-2A is known for its smooth and natural compression, which adds warmth and richness to any audio source. The CLA-2A faithfully recreates the original hardware's characteristics, including its unique gain reduction and harmonic distortion behavior. The CLA-2A is ideal for vocals, bass, guitars, and any other instrument that needs a gentle touch of compression. It has a simple interface with only two knobs: peak reduction and gain. You can also switch between compressor and limiter modes, and adjust the analog noise level.


The CLA-3A is a model of the solid-state version of the LA-2A, the LA-3A, which was released in the 1970s. The LA-3A is similar to the LA-2A in terms of its electro-optical design, but it has a faster attack and release time, which makes it more suitable for transient-rich sources like drums, percussion, and electric guitars. The CLA-3A captures the essence of the LA-3A, including its punchy and transparent compression, and its distinctive midrange presence. The CLA-3A has the same interface as the CLA-2A, but it also has a high-frequency emphasis switch, which allows you to boost or cut the high frequencies before the compression stage.

CLA-76 Blacky & Bluey

The CLA-76 Blacky & Bluey are models of two versions of the classic FET compressor, the 1176. The 1176 was introduced in the late 1960s and is still one of the most popular compressors ever made. The 1176 is famous for its fast attack and release time, its wide range of ratio settings, and its ability to create anything from subtle compression to extreme distortion. The CLA-76 Blacky & Bluey emulate two different revisions of the 1176: the black-face revision D (Blacky) and the blue-stripe revision B (Bluey). The Blacky has a more balanced and modern sound, while the Bluey has a more aggressive and vintage sound. The CLA-76 Blacky & Bluey have a more complex interface than the CLA-2A and CLA-3A, with four knobs: input, output, attack, and release. You can also choose from four ratio settings: 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, and 20:1. You can also engage the famous "all buttons in" mode, which activates all four ratio buttons at once and creates a unique compression curve with lots of character.

How to Download and Install Waves CLA Classic Compressors on MAC OSX INTEL

If you want to download and install Waves CLA Classic Compressors on your MAC OSX INTEL system, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to Waves' official website and create an account or log in if you already have one.

  • Purchase Waves CLA Classic Compressors or get them as part of a bundle or subscription plan.

  • Download Waves Central, which is the application that manages your Waves products.

  • Launch Waves Central and log in with your Waves account.

  • Select "Install Products" from the menu on the left.

  • Select "CLA Classic Compressors" from the list of products on the right.

  • Choose the destination folder for your plugins and click "Install".

  • Wait for the installation process to complete.

  • Launch your DAW (digital audio workstation) of choice and scan for new plugins.

  • Enjoy using Waves CLA Classic Compressors in your audio projects!



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