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All I Need (Bonnie Clyde) ~REPACK~

Barrow was first arrested in late 1926, at age 17, after running when police confronted him over a rental car that he had failed to return on time. His second arrest was with his brother Buck soon after for possession of stolen turkeys. Barrow had some legitimate jobs during 1927 through 1929, but he also cracked safes, robbed stores, and stole cars. He met 19-year-old Parker through a mutual friend in January 1930, and they spent much time together during the following weeks. Their romance was interrupted when Barrow was arrested by Sergeant Bert Whisnand[citation needed] and convicted of auto theft.

All I Need (Bonnie Clyde)


By early September, the gang risked a run to Dallas to see their families for the first time in four months. Jones parted company with them, continuing to Houston where his mother had moved.[2][69][notes 12] He was arrested there without incident on November 16, and returned to Dallas. Through the autumn, Barrow committed several robberies with small-time local accomplices, while his family and Parker's attended to her considerable medical needs. On November 22, they narrowly evaded arrest while trying to meet with family members near Sowers, Texas. Dallas Sheriff Smoot Schmid, Deputy Bob Alcorn, and Deputy Ted Hinton lay in wait nearby. As Barrow drove up, he sensed a trap and drove past his family's car, at which point Schmid and his deputies stood up and opened fire with machine guns and a BAR. The family members in the crossfire were not hit, but a BAR bullet passed through the car, striking the legs of both Barrow and Parker.[73] They escaped later that night.

On Easter Sunday, April 1, 1934 at the intersection of Route 114 and Dove Road, near Grapevine, Texas (now Southlake), highway patrolmen H.D. Murphy and Edward Bryant Wheeler stopped their motorcycles thinking a motorist needed assistance. Barrow and Methvin or Parker opened fire with a shotgun and handgun, killing both officers.[83][84] An eyewitness account said that Parker fired the fatal shots and this story received widespread coverage.[85] Methvin later claimed that he fired the first shot after mistakenly assuming that Barrow wanted the officers killed. Barrow joined in, firing at Patrolman Murphy.[47]

She soon learns that her strange compulsion isn't as unusual as she had thought. A rumpled, pony-tailed drifter called Sully (Mark Rylance at his creepiest) tells her that she is an "eater": not only will her hunger intensify as she gets older, but she will learn to smell other eaters from a distance. He offers her some sage advice, but the sight of him in his white vest and underpants, chomping a recently deceased old woman, is almost enough to convince her that he might not be an ideal mentor, and his custom of braiding his victims' hair into a long rope is the clincher. The next eater who sniffs her out is a far more promising prospect. Despite having some unsavoury habits of his own, Lee is a cool, charming, skinny young rebel played by Chalamet, so he and Maren take a blue pick-up truck from someone who, shall we say, no longer needs it, and this blood-drenched Bonnie and Clyde hit the road together.

Around Christmas 1929, authorities began compiling evidence against Clyde in order to arrest him. In February 1930, Clyde explained to Bonnie that he would need to leave town because the police were after him. He was barely able to pack his things before the police arrived.

On their first joy ride, they decided to rob the hardware store that sat directly across from the Kauffman town courthouse. Bonnie was giddy with excitement, until she heard the alarm. Not wanting Bonnie to be punished for her involvement, Clyde dumped her from the car and told her to catch a bus back to Dallas. Although she knew it was for her own good, she still felt left out from the group. Still in need of cash, Clyde and an accomplice decided to rob the local grocery store. The two men held the store owner and his wife at gunpoint and demanded their safe be opened. Sometime during the unlocking of the safe, a gun was fired and the grocery store owner fell dead to the ground. The men grabbed the money and fled. Unlike the previous robbery, this one involved murder. The wife of the grocery store owner identified the two men as Clyde and his accomplice Ray Hamilton.

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Bonnie doesn't take much time refusing. She is lured to Clyde right from the start. She does need to learn a bit about him before she does anything too rash, though. So, she and Clyde chat for a bit before he robs a store and effectively "wins" her.

Bonnie and Clyde never went for the large scores. They robbed mom-and-pop shops, restaurants, and local banks. During the Depression, these businesses needed all the help they could get. Instead, they got robbed by Bonnie and Clyde. At least the victims had bragging rights.

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Parents need to know that this was one of the first movies to get the newly minted R-rating. There are lots of shootouts and a violent finale in a hailstorm of bullets that was compared by commentators to the Vietnam War (yes it was) for graphic bloodshed -- though far gorier movies have since arrived to "entertain." There is a glorification of the anti-social outlaw lifestyle (but an awareness of how criminals manufacture such myths themselves, for the positive PR), and the main characters smoke and drink. Bonnie is sexually frustrated (discretely topless in her opening scene) with Clyde, who seems to have intimacy-impotence problems (in the original script he was gay, or at least bisexual). Their bedroom dysfunction is a recurring theme, though it's coached in tasteful euphemism. 041b061a72


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