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Buy Antioxidants Online

One's visits are fleeting! You can enjoy the majesty of our fresh, juicy Queen Garnet plums every year from February until April. When she's not in season, you can shop her antioxidant range online or in-store.

buy antioxidants online

Royalty is always a fleeting visit. Fresh Queen Garnet plums are only in season, and in-store, late January to early April. But the good news is, the rest of the range is available online year-round, so you can embrace majesty any time.

The First Flush teas have lime-greenish liquoring, with delicate, floral notes, that are only captured during the Spring season in Darjeeling. The two leaves-and-a-bud from Selim Hill, that make up the pickings of the First Flush contain the most antioxidants or catechins. The Green Teas they give birth to are a rare combination of health and luxury. 100% ORGANIC and nurtured by the Selim Hill Forest.

Everyone's heard of Amazon, as for it's one of the largest online retails for anything and everything from their Echo Dot to weird finds such as this plush pickle creature to this "Hi I'm Mat" doormat. Needless to say, Amazon's just a tad bit weird, but it's convenient nonetheless. Aside from buying and controlling Whole Foods along with their prices, Amazon also sells food online. With finals week slapping most of us in the face, the need for care packages and munchies is rapidly increasing; on that note, here's what you should buy (or ask for) in terms of snacks from Amazon.

Low and behold my friend Sparkling Ice, and they have just released Sparkling Ice +Caffeine. Sparkling Ice +Caffeine is zero-calorie sparkling water with caffeine. Flavors include Black Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Triple Citrus, Strawberry Citrus and Orange Passionfruit. Each bottle contains 70mg of caffeine, zero sugar, zero calories, antioxidants and vitamins.

While these are just some of the wonderful options that Amazon has available for purchase online, you can't argue with me on the fact that any and all of these items will save your life time come finals week. Bon voyage.

Appreciate the avocadoOften referred to as a super food, avocado is chock-full of nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. It has a unique texture that makes a good addition to almost any meal, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Spread some avocado on your toast in the morning, add some guacamole to your nachos for lunch, and add it to your dinner for good measure. 041b061a72


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