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Download Free Fun Pub Quiz Questions and Answers | Quiz On Demand

In your Excel workbook, details of each question in your quiz are represented in columns and each response is shown in a row. The first five columns display respondent ID, start and completion times for each response, and the name and email address of each student. The subsequent columns display total points, quiz feedback, grade posted time, quiz questions, points for individual questions, and feedback for individual questions.

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Downloading or exporting quiz questions from within D2L to CSV or Excel formats is possible as long as the questions have been added to a quiz and at least one attempt exists for the quiz. If using question pools, all pool questions will be included even if no students were given a certain pool question.

It is currently not possible to download all questions directly from the Question Library in D2L. Questions must be added to quizzes in order to be downloaded, including via the Brightspace data sets. It is also currently not possible to generate a print version of a quiz for in person courses. Previewing the quiz and printing to PDF or copying and pasting into Word are possible; however, copying and pasting plain text will provide more flexibility when creating print versions. (Alternatively, if a quiz already exists as a Word doc, try using Respondus 4.0 to import the questions into D2L.)

If you or a colleague have access to the data sets via Insights Report Builder, these ETL data flows will allow you to download questions, possible answers, and/or student responses on a per quiz or per course basis. Quiz questions and possible answers can be exported this way without the need for an attempt on the quiz.

We created 10 exclusive designs that you can download and use - 100% free - both for commercial use e.g. your next presentation and for private use (how about a trivia night?!) Just look through our list and get the one you like most - we got something for every taste! And by the way, if you need inspiration for quiz question ideas, be sure to check out our article on 50 Quiz Ideas for your Presentation!

This template is pretty plain and basic, yet far from boring! The contrast between black and white and the diagonal text elements make it the perfect elegant choice for anyone who's looking for an interesting and timeless classic design. It even comes in three different options. You can either decide for one or use all three in one quiz-session. We got you covered with one simple white, one black, and one half black- half white design for anybody who can't decide which one they like better. You can use this template for all kinds of questions that have two possible answers (so it is perfect for Yes/No or True/False quizzes!)

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Without a doubt, our keyboard style Yes/No Quiz is one of the most creative ones! It is really fun and an amazing option for anyone who's looking to switch things up a little. The best thing? It comes with an esc- option! So if your quiz participants really, really don't know the answer, they can just - well - escape instead! The slides with the Escape- options are optional however, so if you'd rather want your audience to vote either Yes or No, you can leave out the esc- key. It doesn't matter, weather you're only asking if the audience needs a bathroom break or hard- to- answer trivia questions, with this template you're always in style!

Until now you probably thought more about doing trivia questions in your presentations, but did you know that personality quiz questions can also be an amazing engagement- enhancing element during any presentation? They are especially great as ice breaker questions, but could also be used as mood- lightener at any point. And the best thing: If you get SlideLizard, you can even see the audience results, so you have a statistic overview of e.g. people's favorite ice cream flavors (or whatever else you've always wanted to ask!) P.S: You could also use all the other templates in this post as personality quizzes, but this one is specifically designed as such.

If pictures speak to you more than words do, our picture quiz template might be the one for you! It comes with a fun, modern and playful design, and the pictures can of course be changed to whatever you want them to be (you can also add or remove new images, so there is a selection of 2, 3 or 6 pictures). The picture quiz can be used for testing vocabulary (although #9 covers that already), or to spice up your trivia questions. You could even use it as a fun way to introduce yourself to the audience (e.g. "Which of these baby photos is me?") in order to break the ice. Tip: If you want to know more about ice breaker questions, check out our blog post here.

Minimalism is extremely popular right now, and we totally get why! This is the simplest out of all the templates, but isn't it beautiful? With this quiz template, you get slides for Multiple Choice AND True/False questions! We are in love with this template in all its simplicity, but if you want, you could definitely use this as a blank canvas and upgrade it by adding pictures, backgrounds, new fonts or your favourite colors. The sky is the limit!

This one is different from all the other quizzes, since it is neither multiple nor single choice, but instead somewhat of a memory game. We recommend this animated PowerPoint quiz template for testing new vocabulary or difficult terminology, but you could also adapt it and make it a regular open question format by writing questions instead of words on the cards and the right answers on the green cards below (it sounds more difficult than it actually is, and when you download the template, you'll get a detailed guide on how to use it.) In this format, there are some boxes with words in English (which you can exchange with your own words, obviously). By clicking on those boxes in presentation mode, they disappear and leave a green answer card. You can easily play this with your audience/students by letting them shout out the translation of a certain word and then clicking on the matching box to see if the translation is correct.

Once you have chosen a quiz, you have to ask yourself: How do I conduct it during my presentation? Of course, you could just let your audience raise their hands for the answers of their choice - but that seems outdated and overly complicated (counting the amount of votes for each answers,...). The way more convenient option is to use an application like SlideLizard, which allows your audience to vote for the answer of their choice via their mobile devices, making the experience a whole lot better - quiz competitions have never been better!

The online version of the manual contains Parts 1, 2 and 3 (Chapters 1 through 12) of the printed manual. Chapters 4 through 11 include material you must know to pass the DMV written test for a Class D, DJ or E learner permit. The chapters have interactive quizzes with actual test questions.

Once a faculty member has used the quiz activity to collect file uploads from students, they may decide to download them all at once to help with their efficiency in grading. Below are the steps one can use to leverage the bulk download plugin that is available for essay quiz questions.

General Knowledge Quiz is the best way to gather public attention, both online and offline, as you can use these ultimate fun quiz ideas, a listicle of quiz questions and answers to have more funs during work meetings, friend gatherings or during a presentation!

Quiz Takers' Answers Report - This report shows learners' answers to each quiz question. It helps you identify knowledge gaps among your learners. For instance, when you see that most learners in your class have chosen the same wrong answer for a particular question, they face difficulty grasping the topic. Once you have this insight, you can create a course on the subject and assign it to your class to help them understand the topic better.

You can easily set time limits, availability dates, public and private access permissions, cheat prevention, randomize questions and answers, give certificates, email results and select if students can view their results.

Your quiz or survey can be graded with an incorrect/correct system or a points-based system. Or not at all. You ask for contact information at the beginning or the end and you decide which contact fields are required. You can decide to use all the questions or only a select few chosen at random. You can also set the number of questions per page or have all the questions on one page.

The Quiz module lets you create graded assessments in Drupal. A Quiz is given as a series of questions. Answers are then stored in the database. Scores and results are displayed during or after the quiz. Administrators can provide automatic or manual feedback. See all the features below!

Users can review a quiz after they have completed attempting it and the score has been displayed. This option allows users to find out questions they answered incorrectly, and their correct answers. You can customize the messages provided in the feedback.

In branched quizzes, the branchingpath can be indefinite. For example, if users click button A, thenthey go to branch 1 else branch 2. In such cases, Adobe Captivateomits the total number of questions even if Relative Progress isselected.

Psych! was created by Ellen DeGeneres and seems to be inspired by games like Balderdash, where you're encouraged to find the weirdest but still reasonable response to trivia questions to trick your friends. Each player answers a goofy but still plausible answer and once all responses are collected, players have to figure out which answer is correct. If someone chooses your submission or if you answer correctly, you get a point! For $2.99, you can remove ads.

This movie trivia game is a great app for cinephiles. It's free on Android and iOS, and comes with quiz questions for all kinds of movies and genres. You earn popcorn that you can use to change up your avatar or spend them on premium question packs and points can earn you bonuses to use as lifelines on movie questions that are a bit too tough. There's a single-player and multiplayer mode. The questions are more challenging than other games, primarily because they're movie-specific.


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