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Janet Nasty !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Britney Spears has paid homage to "Nasty" multiple times throughout her career; she performed live covers of "Nasty" and "Black Cat" on the "Baby One More Time Tour".[39] She also yelled "Stop!" in the single version of "(You Drive Me) Crazy" pays homage to Janet saying "Stop!" in the "Nasty" music video. The single version of the song, titled "The Stop! Remix", also references "Nasty". The chair routine in the song's music video pays homage to Jackson's "Miss You Much" video. Additionally, her single "Boys", released as the fourth single from her Britney album, references "Nasty" in the line "get nasty", with the song being described as "cut-rate '80s Janet Jackson" by Entertainment Weekly.[40] Spears also pays homage to the song in "Break the Ice", released as the third single from her fifth studio album Blackout, in the line "I like this part", which references Janet saying "I love this part" in "Nasty". Spears' official site said she was "stopping the song à la Janet Jackson to say, "I like this part. It feels kind of good."[41][42] The opening scene of her "Ooh La La" video also pays homage to Jackson's "Nasty" video, with MSN Music saying, "The clip plays out like a more kid-friendly version of Janet Jackson's "Nasty" video, with Spears and her kids taking in a movie when mom is suddenly transported into the on-screen action."[43]

janet nasty

In 2013, the Glee Cast covered the song on the episode "Puppet Master" as a mashup with Jackson's own "Rhythm Nation".[44] Panic! at the Disco's single "Miss Jackson" is titled after Jackson and references "Nasty" in the line "Miss Jackson, Are you nasty?" during its chorus.[45]

After Donald Trump referred to Hillary Clinton as "such a nasty woman" during the third Presidential debate of the 2016 US election cycle,[46][47] the song rose up 250% as reported by streaming platform Spotify.[48]

They're two different songs. "Nasty" is arguably the first New Jack Swing song. It's pop, it's R&B, it's funky, syncopated, attitude-y. It's an empowerment anthem for women who are treated less than what they're worth as a human being."Nasty Girl" is a funky little bop, heavily R&B oriented, dirty ditty about fuckin'. It's cheeky, and not-so-coy in its need for a big ol' dick.Janet ain't afraid of the dick, but she needs it to be attached to a propery grown ass man."Nasty" is 100% more memorable to the average listener. "Miss Jackson, if you're nasty" is practically her personal slogan, given by the press and fans. It's also better produced and more catchy; iconic video, it defined her as a feminist and a woman, as much as "What Have You Done For Me Lately" did. Control is all about empowerment for women."Nasty Girl" is a girl being nasty for the sake of it. It's cute, but we ain't hangin' around for cute.

Jackson has performed the song on all of her tours, Rhythm Nation 1814 Tour, janet. Tour, The Velvet Rope Tour, All for You Tour, Rock Witchu Tour and Number Ones: Up Close and Personal. She has also performed it on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, American Idol 2010 finale, and the Billboard Music Awards. 041b061a72


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