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Mysterious Journey II - Chameleon [ENG] Pc Game

The game begins on a derelict space station. Sen Geder, whom the player controls, awakens from a cryogenic stasis pod, and is interrogated by a pre-recorded holo-message of a mysterious man named Tensa, 214 years after Sen was placed in stasis. Tensa explains that there is no escape, as all non-essential machinery is destroyed, every door and bulkhead is sealed, and the station will fall from its decaying orbit in 16 days. The hologram device is accidentally blown up by a sentient machine named Talen. From there on, Talen helps Sen fly a shuttle down to the planet, where the people below have formed two tribes: The technological Transai, and nature-loving Ansala. From there Sen must solve a myriad of complex puzzles to uncover the truth behind his crime and find out what really happened on Saarpedon.

Mysterious Journey II - Chameleon [ENG] pc game

In The Last Campfire, you play as a lost traveler named Ember, who is searching for a way home. What you discover in this strange land is other people who have been mysteriously trapped here as well, and by solving puzzles, you can help them move on. Travel between various different locations and complete anything from sliding block puzzles to more standard fetch questing in this mysterious narrative puzzle game.


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