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Sandy 1rar

Clams are capable of living in a variety of sediment types. Field surveys have often found higher abundances of clams in sandy rather than muddy sediments. A heterogeneous substrate mixture of sand or mud Hith gravel or shell often show high relative abundances of clams. Hard clam stocks are susceptible to overfishing. Recruitment rates are poorly understood, as are possible reestablishment periods if areas are depleted of clam populations through commercial harvesting. Larval settlement rates and annual recruitment, and the factors that influence these processes, are poorly understood.

Sandy 1rar

Roegner, G., & Mann, R. L. (1990) Habitat requirements for the hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, in Chesapeake Bay. Special scientific report No. 126. Virginia Institute of Marine Science, William & Mary. :10.21220/m2-1rar-wr63

At last light D Company emerged from its hide to begin its night approach march to the camp. The first objective was to cross the wide dry sandy bed of the Mudzi with the minimum of delay, but the troops had to fill their water bottles from the pools which were scattered down its length - all that remained after the long dry season. The eastward paths, mentioned by their captive, were found easily and proved to be as good as he claimed. Progress was therefore rapid with the trackers well in advance, stopping the column frequently to allow them quick reconnaissance ahead to ensure that no sudden encounter with ZANLA or Mozambican FPLM in transit would give the game away. The good progress being made raised the morale of the troops after the difficulties of the previous night. They began to concentrate on the imminent attack. 041b061a72


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